Honey Bowtie News

Find out all the latest happenings with Honey Bowtie Music, and with Kate O'Neill & Karsten Soltauer.

Mon 9 Oct 2006: Kate profiled on MyTreo.net
Leading Treo user community MyTreo.net selected Kate to be the first member profiled in a new Member Spotlight article series. The article talks about Kate's use of her Treo to manage her work with Honey Bowtie Music. Kate has been a loyal Palm OS user for nearly 10 years, and says she is "happy to help promote the use of Treos and other Palm devices for all kinds of diverse purposes, including songwriting." Read the article here.

Wed 28 Jun 2006: New demo: Blown Away
K&K are thrilled with the results of their latest full demo on "Blown Away" recorded, as usual, at Kenny Royster's Direct Image Studio. Lisa Cochran, whose credits include background vocals for Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood among many others, did the gorgeous vocals with impressive professionalism and a great sense of humor. Check it out!

Fri 3 Mar 2006: "By Surprise" included in The Nashville Music Podcast
Johnny Brickhouse, who does the Nashville Music Podcast, included "By Surprise" in episode 16 of his podcast. It shows up about 11:20 in. Check it out!

Thu 23 Feb 2006: New demo: My Evil Twin
K&K are pleased with the results of their latest demo: "My Evil Twin". They were delighted to work once again with Kenny Royster at Direct Image Studios. Matt Dame did the vocals and was a pleasure to work with.

Mon 20 Feb 2006: New songs: Feel The Rhythm & Tropical Dreamgirl
Karsten put the finishing touches on two more reggae/calypso tunes: "Feel The Rhythm" and "Tropical Dreamgirl". These are both instrumental for now, but we may add lyrics in the future. If you like the happy vibe of "Mango Sun," be sure to check these two out.

Sun 8 Jan 2006: New scratch demo: Blown Away
With the help of Joe Hendricks and his generosity with his home studio, K&K put together a quick 'n' dirty rough demo for "Blown Away" with Kate recording the vocals.

Tue 29 Nov 2005: New single-song contract on Mango Sun!
K&K are happy to have signed a publishing contract on the calypso-pop-reggae song "Mango Sun." (Take a listen to the demo, which was recorded in Chicago several years ago -- it's worth it for the vocals alone, wonderfully performed by the popular Chicago-based reggae singer Rocket.) The song's new publisher is actively seeking to place the song in a Hollywood film and within the European market.

Sat 05 Nov 2005: Lifenotes: Kate's father passed away
Honey Bowtie Music is saddened to announce the passing of Martin J. O'Neill, Sr., father of Kate O'Neill. In lieu of flowers, the O'Neill family suggests contributing to the Martin J. O'Neill Sr. memorial fund.

Tue 19 Jul 2005: New demo: By Surprise
After a long hiatus from recording demos, K&K are pleased to be able to announce a full demo of "By Surprise," recorded at Direct Image Studio. The vocal talent is courtesy of Perry Coleman, whose discography as a backup singer includes many Leann Rimes albums, as well as Montgomery Gentry, Van Zant, Trace Adkins, and more, and his current gig is appearing with Faith Hill as one of her backup singers. K&K are thrilled with the outcome. Take a listen and hear for yourself!

Tue 15 Mar 2005: Lifenotes: Karsten's mother passed away
Honey Bowtie Music is saddened to announce the passing of Karsten's mother. Services have yet to be determined.

Sat 24 Sep 2003: New demo: Moved On
K&K are pleased to announce a new full demo of "Moved On" with vocals recorded by Dawn Martin. The demo was recorded at Direct Image Studio.

Sat 06 Sep 2003: New demo: Traces Of You
K&K were excited to work with Wendy Jans for the vocals on a full demo of "Traces Of You" at Direct Image Studio. Wendy recorded lush, exquisite vocals with amazing speed and accuracy.

Mon 07 Jul 2003: Two new demos: Get It Wrong & It Works
Two more new full demo recordings with "Get It Wrong" (sung by Dawn Martin) and "It Works" (sung by Kim Parent), both recorded at Bayou Recording Studio.

Thu 12 Jun 2003: First Nashville demo: You've Lost Me
K&K recorded their first full demo in Nashville at Bayou Recording Studio. Susan Marshall recorded the vocals for "You've Lost Me" and did a wonderful job.

Fri 14 Mar 2003: Lifenotes: Karsten & Kate tie the knot!
After years of musical partnership, K&K have made their commitment official. The pair were wed in a civil service in Chicago City Hall, and --never one to stand on ceremony -- the bride wore grey.

Wed 26 Feb 2003: Honey Bowtie Music moves to Nashville!
K&K have picked up shop and moved south to Nashville! Their web site and email contact info remains the same, however.

Tue 27 Aug 2002: New demo: Mango Sun
K&K enlisted the help of Roy Boy Studios and Chicago reggae singer Rocket for a demo of "Mango Sun." The results are wonderful, but don't take their word for it -- listen for yourself!